San Francisco Rush 2049 ships

Midway ships San Francisco Rush 2049 to the Dreamcast, N64, and Game Boy Color.


Midway just shipped the next in the Rush series - San Francisco Rush 2049 for the Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Color - to retail outlets. While Rush 2 for the consoles may have left fans of the arcade series cold, SF Rush 2049 rethinks the franchise. The new game offers stunts, new courses, new challenges within those courses such as more shortcuts and hidden areas, and a battle mode. Gamers will have more control, or perhaps more interesting control, of the vehicles as the stunt mode offers wing physics exploration and freestyle racing as the cars roll and tumble through the tracks.

The Dreamcast version of the game will offer online features like downloadable ghost races - in which players can save and race against their own best race and then swap these competitions with their friends' ghost races as well as high-score boards.

San Francisco Rush 2049 is available on the Dreamcast for US$39.99, the Nintendo 64 for US$49.99, and the Game Boy Color for US$29.99.

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