San Diego Comic-Con coverage!

Lets get things started with a few quick announcements about this year's San Diego Comic-Con coverage.


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Welcome to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con coverage!

Wam-Bam-360 Cam and Cosplay Battle!

GameSpot’s luggage had an extra special pieces of equipment this year. The set up will showcase the creme da la creme of Cosplayers that you would find walking about the show floor. We’ll also return the cosplay battle again this year. Be sure to stay tuned to our Comic-Con page for updates.

Comic-Con Winner

Congrats to the winner of the Win a Trip to Comic-Con contest! Timothy S of Bayonne, New Jersey! See you on the show floor!


This year we have a few things happening in our Competitions and Activities forum. There is our Comic Con Costume Guessing Game where GameSpot members took photos from popular Comic-Con celebs and transformed them with a costume. Next up, we have our Comic-Con BINGO activity. You can pick a bingo card while watching our live stream provided by Video Viking Collin, you’ll have to hunt for cosplayers on the show floor.

Social Shares

As always GameSpot staff will be tweeting and posting like crazy during Comic-Con. You can watch GameSpot’s Twitter or follow Maxwell, Shaun , Giancarlo, Jody, Synthia, and Carolyn! We’ll also be having MLG super stars Tsquared and MrsViolence there to help show off what Comic-Con has to offer.

Inside Comic-Con Behind the Scenes!

If you liked GameSpot Communities Behind the Scenes coverage of E3 so now we’re bringing you more here with Inside Comic-Con Coverage. Be sure to check this page here for frequent updates and episodes of Breakfast with Community.

UPDATE!! Bee's have crashed our war room here at Comic-Con check here to see what went down!

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