San Andreas hits retail yet again

Rockstar introduces two all-new ways to exchange money for versions of its controversial blockbuster.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

While the political and economic fallout of the Hot Coffee scandal continues unabated, Rockstar Games has released San Andreas to retail twice more this week, as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Special Edition for the PlayStation 2 and Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy for the Xbox have arrived in stores nationwide.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Special Edition for the PS2 includes the M-rated version of the game, as well as The Introduction, a featurette documenting events before the onset of GTA: San Andreas. The series of intertwining stories are told from the point of view of several of the game's characters, leading up to a drive-by shooting of Grove Street gang members.

Also on the Special Edition will be Sunday Driver, Rockstar's debut documentary film. The movie follows a low-rider car club in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Compton. Directed by Carol Strong, it brings viewers in to the world of The Majestics, a group that customizes cars in South Central. The film will also be released on UMD format for the PSP.

Also, those who haven't played a Grand Theft Auto game this generation can scoop up Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and San Andreas on the Xbox for $59.99 with the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy set.

Rockstar continues its retail assault next week with the release of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for the PSP. Liberty City Stories will retail for $49.99, and like its console cousins, it's rated M for Mature.

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