Samurai Shodown Hits Xbox Series X|S This March, Simultaneous Launch With Season Pass 3

Xbox One owners of Samurai Shodown will get the Xbox Series X|S version for free via Microsoft's Smart Delivery.


Developer and publisher SNK has announced that its critically acclaimed 2D fighter Samurai Shodown will make its way to Xbox Series X|S on March 16, with a physical edition coming to Europe and North America through a collaboration with Koch Media.

In announcing the Xbox Series X|S release date, SNK shared a trailer revealing two notable features Xbox players will get to take advantage of. The first being 120fps gameplay, giving players a smoother fighting game experience when playing Samurai Shodown. The second is Smart Delivery. Thanks to Microsoft's handoff system, those who own the game on Xbox One will get the free next-gen version of Samurai Shodown on Xbox Series X|S via Smart Delivery.

Through Smart Delivery, all previously purchased DLC and save data will transfer between consoles so players don't lose their content when going from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S.

Game director Hayato Konya, in an accompanying "special message" video, confirmed that Samurai Shodown's Xbox Series X|S physical edition will feature all the characters from the game's Season Pass 1, as well as Cham Cham from the upcoming Season Pass 3 add-on. Season Pass 3 goes live on March 16, the same day Samurai Shodown hits Xbox Series X|S.

There have been tons of Samurai Shodown games since the series' first appearance on the Neo Geo in 1993. Most of the franchise's mainline entries on that classic system have re-emerged in multiple forms, most recently in the Samurai Shodown Collection and the SNK MVSK arcade cabinet. This iteration of Samurai Shodown is the latest reboot of the series.

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