Samuel L. Jackson returns to host VGAs

This year's awards to celebrate 10th anniversary; past hosts Zachary Levi, Snoop Lion, Jack Black, and Neil Patrick Harris set to join Jackson as co-hosts on December 7.


This year's Spike TV Video Game Awards will celebrate 10 years of air-time with a special ceremony that will bring together a handful of past hosts.

Samuel L. Jackson will host this year's VGAs.
Samuel L. Jackson will host this year's VGAs.

According to The Associated Press, previous emcees Zachary Levi, Snoop Lion, Jack Black, and Neil Patrick Harris are set to join this year's host Samuel L. Jackson at the awards next week.

The show will reportedly feature debut footage from upcoming titles, including BioShock Infinite, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, and Tomb Raider, as well as sneak peeks of DLCs, such as Halo 4's Spartan Ops and Assassin's Creed III's The Tyranny of King Washington.

The best game category for this year includes titles such as The Walking Dead: The Game, Assassin's Creed III, Dishonored, Journey, and Mass Effect 3.

The Spike TV Video Game Awards will air on Spike TV on December 7, live from Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, California.

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Avatar image for shalashaska88

There's a difference between celebrities and videogames industry's celebrities. Why should I watch something hosted by people who don't even care much about gaming?

Avatar image for trick_man01

Did anyone else watch the first VGAs? Remember how awful it was?

Avatar image for theslovakian38

THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO!! now im going to watch!

Avatar image for Phazevariance

Snoop Lion... lol, more like Snoop Career-Over

Avatar image for Viral-venom13


Lol! I don't get the reason for the name change when the guy has already established his entire rap career as a West Coast ganster rapper as that's how he's known and how he will be remembered long after he's dead and gone! Tupac must be laughing in his grave!!

Avatar image for Phazevariance

What, no Will Wheaton? lulZ

Avatar image for szabipit

Nice story!!!

Avatar image for TheOnlyConan

Don't see why we should care about the celebs. It's not about them this time.

Avatar image for 96augment

It's a shame that Far Cry 3 isn't even going to be nominated for Game of the Year.

Avatar image for vault-boy

Why the **** is he hosting it? He has absolutely nothing to do with gaming, do we really think so little of ourselves that we have to have other industries represent us because we are such shit we can't do it ourselves? I can think of half a dozen people more qualified from in our industry to host this thing.

Avatar image for SteveM21


Dude Jackson's been a lifelong gamer, he even helped make a game based on an animated film hed did called Afro Samari.

Out of all the Hosts the VGAs have had over the years i still consider him the best, although I will say Levi did and excelent job last year.

Avatar image for vault-boy

@SteveM21 @vault-boy I'm a life long movie watcher, maybe I should host the Oscars. The point is that we have our own people and we need THEM representing us, not celebrities from other mediums. How about we get Tim Schafer to host?

Avatar image for SteveM21


I see your point, but Jackson isn't just a cinema icon, he's also a pop culture icon. If Spike did have someone like Tim Schafer hosting most people, even casual gamers wouldn't know who we was and it wouldn't grab their attention, it makes sense that Spike would want someone famous headlining.

And at least Spike's got someone who's at least vaguely related to gaming instead of going after the most famous celebirty they can get.

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Avatar image for Eric_Drav3n

I wonder how high he was when he came up with the name Snoop Lion

Avatar image for wildhoney66

honestly i don't care if he was a panther as a young man. i don't know if he's racist or not but i've been a fan of his since Pulp Fiction came out in (1994) and i haven't heard anything about him being one in any way since i became of him. and this comes from a white guy.

Avatar image for DrKill09

I used to like his work til I realized what a blatant racist he was.

Now his roles in Die Hard With a Vengeance and Lakeview Terrace make so much more sense. Piece of crap.

Avatar image for 96augment

@DrKill09 He's racist?

Avatar image for MasterOfSprites

@96augment @DrKill09 He was a member of the black panther party in his younger days. Doesn't mean he is racist now though. I see no reason to hold it against him.

Avatar image for 96augment

@MasterOfSprites He also marched for equal rights. So, I don't know how he's racist.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k


Avatar image for Thanatos2k

The VGAs are a disgrace to gaming. I can't wait for Mass Effect 3 to somehow win "Best Ending" this year!

Avatar image for SythisTaru

2011: Skyrim, 2010: Red Dead Redemption, 2009: Uncharted 2, 2008: GTA IV, 2007: Bioshock, it sure does look like they pick CoD every year! Right!?

Avatar image for SteveM21



Avatar image for Dragon_Nexus

Oh awesome! They got that guy who everyone knows is an avid gamer and who not only follows but contributes to the gaming industry on a regular basis with his technical prowess and stunning analytical mind. Truely there has been no other to contribute so much to games as they are today.

Avatar image for abnergoinbig

Cant wait to watch this and think of all his hilarious gifs.

Avatar image for avatarIVN

I would like VGA if I didn't have the feeling that: The big companies and/or franchises always get most of the prizes (thereby denying the little companies that made an effort and gave us some good games).

However, I believe there should be VGA to give us all the chance to say "thank you for making an excellent videogame that we all enjoy" to the entire team that made the game.

Avatar image for SythisTaru

@avatarIVN Why did Bastion win so much last year then? :O

Avatar image for LE5LO

Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf***ing snakes in this motherf***ing game!

Avatar image for Klicer


*Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf***ing zombies in these motherf***ing games!

Avatar image for ZEeduardo94

@Klicer @LE5LO

oh, don't even get me started on that one

Avatar image for ZEeduardo94


Then he's gonna have trouble with Metal Gear Solid

Avatar image for gamingfrendly

i liked his voice acting in san andreas and the when you have to kill every mother fucker in the room part of the movie

Avatar image for miser_cz

@Strider8009 Joe sounds like a whiny bitch.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

Jackson... Meh

Avatar image for limbomaster

who cares ?

THIS IS NOT HOLLYWOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Walking Dead is great, but not GOTY material. Assassin's Creed 3 plays great, but the story falls flat on Desmond's end. Dishonoured? PFFTT! There isn't enough time, to mention everything wrong. Journey for GOTY? No. Mass Effect 3? If we were to disregard the ending, sure.

Games that should be there. Hitman Absolution, and Far Cry 3.

Anyway, I can hardly care about the VGA's. They have given awards for the stupidest of these, and had people present things that they have no clue about. It's all about the big names, for both games and celebrities, and completely alludes the content of the games.

And let's be honest, if we go by popular decision for say GOTY, we all know CoD's gonna win because of the countless spawning mindless drones that will suck Activision to the moon for the next one.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@JustArtificial Xenoblade came out this year. Xenoblade is the true game of the year.

Avatar image for SythisTaru

@JustArtificial I just replayed Journey. Without a doubt, it's game of the year.

Avatar image for Master_cheat001

@JustArtificial Dishonored has a very good taste and it derserves GOTY to me. I play Ac3 because I just love if Ubisoft made the big step like they did for AC 2, but no, the story is ridiculously unenjoyable and I just hate Desmond 's stupid "assassin style". Far Cry 3 is also an excellent game and Hitman 5 too. Mass Effect 3 is just a gold mine.

Avatar image for larkin-54

@JustArtificial haha you act as if there arnt 30 GOTY awards given by random places each game you mentioned will win GOTY some where

Avatar image for evil-zodiark

@larkin-54 @JustArtificial well yeah but there will allways be a game that won most of them and that will remembered as GOTY. last year that's skyrim like it or hate it

Avatar image for toddx77

Wow 10 years of this joke of an award show lol. Celebrities there only because they are payed to and promote themselves, they try to be funny when clearly they aren't, and its pretty much made for Spike TV's demographic only. Ever notice how when Call of Duty or Halo whens an award the clapping is a lot louder then say when a game like Dragon Age Origins or Portal 2 wins? Also didn't Samual L. Jackson refer to San Andreas as Grand Theft Auto 2 when he was hosting in 2004?

Avatar image for Justforvisit

Hm with all those negative comments about the VGA it sounds like the only true VGA is my VGA Card in my old 3.86 :PBut man, games are so popular and mostly mainstream right now, but still we can't get a good award show up for them?

Avatar image for larkin-54

@Justforvisit check out the Developers Choice Awards its industry facing and games are chosen by those who actually make them

Avatar image for larkin-54

The VGAs deserve to be forgotten they are not and have never been the awards worthy of games, the awards are chosen by popular opinion and the categories are ridiculous its not even about the games its about trailers and celebrities like some kind of miniature E3 and when they finally do give out awards they cut off the speeches from the people who ACTUALLY MAKE THE GAMES. if we could all shift our gaze to the Developers Choice Awards all would be well.

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

Funny because I'm replaying Mass Effect 2 and my Shepard looks like Samuel L. Jackson. :P

Avatar image for tightwad34

I had no idea Snoop Dogg(sorry I refuse to do the Lion part, too corny and not right for me) ever hosted it.

Avatar image for soulless4now

I've watched it twice in those 10 years. I keep forgetting about it.

Avatar image for steelmouth

@PSYCHOXBOXTRUTH lol tell them fanboy tell them

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