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Samsung's New OLED Gaming Monitors Are Now Available At Amazon

You can grab the new Odyssey OLED G8 and G6 gaming monitors at Amazon and Samsung.


Samsung recently announced two new models of its popular Odyssey OLED gaming displays: The 32-inch Odyssey OLED G8 and 27-inch Odyssey OLED G6. These displays feature slimmer designs and new functionality compared to previous versions, plus helpful new tech to help prevent image burn-in. They launched on June 5 at Samsung's online store, and are now also available at Amazon.

The 32-inch Odyssey OLED G8 is notable for being Samsung's first 32-inch 4K OLED gaming monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 240Hz refresh rate. It's also the first Samsung OLED gaming monitor equipped with built-in AI upscaling. It uses the same AI processor as Samsung's latest 8K TVs, which is capable of upscaling content to 4K resolution.

The Odyssey OLED G6 sports a 27-inch display with a QHD resolution and 360Hz refresh rate. Aside from the differences in their sizes and display specs, both monitors have similar features, including Samsung's new, proprietary OLED Safeguard+ anti-burn-in technology. The also both feature slim metal frames with height-, tilt-, and swivel-adjustable stands.

Samsung Odyssey OLED gaming monitors
Samsung Odyssey OLED gaming monitors

The 2024 Odyssey OLED G8 and G6 gaming monitors are available now at Samsung's online store and Amazon, and each retailer is offering limited-time special deals on the new displays.

Samsung is offering an offer that gets you up to a $300 Samsung gift card when you buy select monitors--including both of the new Odyssey OLED models, as well as the other new 2024 monitors Samsung recently announced, like the new Smart Monitors with built-in streaming apps. You can also get up to 15% off when you buy multiple eligible models. On top of that, you get 10 entries into a sweepstakes to win a $5,000 Samsung gift card.

Meanwhile, if you order at Amazon, you get up to $300 in Amazon gift card credit and 90 days of free Amazon Music, plus Prime members get free Prime shipping.

  • Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 - 32-inch 4K gaming monitor -- $1,300
  • Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 - 27-inch QHD gaming monitor -- $900

Samsung TV promotion

The monitor launch offers aren't the only display deals available at Samsung right now. Samsung is also giving away $100 and $200 Xbox gift cards with select TV. The gift card amount different between models. Check the list below for all the Samsung TVs that are eligible for the deal.

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