Samsung's New 8K TV Basically Has No Bezel

Samsung is really ushering in a bezel-less future in the world of TVs.


Alongside its massive 292-inch TV, Samsung debuted a brand-new 8K QLED model with some of the thinnest bezel in its product lineup. Whereas the display accounts for 95% of the surface of most TVs, that figure is said to increase to 99% for the Samsung Q950TS, which was revealed during CES 2020.

GameSpot sister site CNET said the extra 4% of screen real estate on Samsung's almost bezel-less TV, which has a 2.3mm frame around the picture, "made a big difference." The screen goes from edge-to-edge, making the bezel near invisible from the front. With the TV itself being only 15mm deep, it has a similar aesthetic to Apple's iPad Pro--just blown up to a larger scale. Check it out below, courtesy of CNET.

All screen all the time on Samsung's 8K QLED TV
All screen all the time on Samsung's 8K QLED TV

According to CNET's report, Samsung isn't just focusing on the resolution when discussing this new TV. Apparently, the 8K QLED TV will have new "local power distribution" tech to improve peak brightness by more than 20%, an Improved quantum processor capable of teaching itself algorithms to further improve picture quality, the same antiglare and viewing angle features found in Samsung's flagship 2019 models, and more. The company has yet to announce pricing and availability for the TV. It does come in three sizes though: 65-, 75-, and 85-inches.

Samsung also unveiled a new virtual keyboard during CES 2020, which runs until January 10. The SelfieType is only a prototype for the time being and unavailable to the wider public. Still, there's potential for it to be used with mobile gaming, as the tech accesses a phone's camera to track the motions of your fingers. And of course, the technology company has other TVs it's showing off on the Las Vegas show floor as well, such as a new 43-inch model that allows you to change its orientation like a cell phone.

The Consumer Electronics Show has only just begun. With Sony teasing a reveal of "the future" for later today, January 6, there's plenty of news to come pouring out of the annual trade show. Be sure to check out our CES hub for all the latest announcements.

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