Samsung Reveals The First 4K 240Hz Monitor Ahead Of CES 2022

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 doesn't have a price or release date yet.


Samsung has revealed what is bound to be one of its most exciting CES 2022 products on show this week, with the company touting the first 4K, 240Hz monitor on the market.

The new Odyssey Neo G8 takes many design cues from the company's flagship (and gigantic) Odyssey Neo G9, albeit in a much smaller and more manageable 32-inch chassis. The display features the same super bright Quantum Mini LED panel, letting the display push upwards of 2000 nits in brightness, which is plenty to make HDR content pop.

Samsung's Odyssey Neo G8
Samsung's Odyssey Neo G8

That alone makes it an exceptional monitor already, but what makes it unique is its resolution and refresh rate combination. This 4K panel is the first to feature a refresh rate as high as 240Hz, which is what you'd more likely expect to see from a premium 1440p display. You'll need some very, very powerful hardware to drive a display like this, but even if you aren't hitting 240fps the added fluidity will be evident in fast-paced titles.

The Neo G8 will also be a good fit for both the Xbox Series X and PS5, given that the display will ship with a single 1.4 DisplayPort and two HDMI 2.1 ports. The illuminated ring on the back also synchronizes with content on the screen to cast some slight ambient lighting behind it.

It's small flourishes like that and the top-tier specifications that will likely mean that the Samsung Neo G8 won't be kind with its price tag, but Samsung is waiting to announce that during its own show during CES 2022 later this week.

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