Samsung Is Bringing Cloud Gaming To TV Lineup

The Tizen line of TVs will include cloud gaming functionality built-in.


Cloud gaming typically requires a separate device connected to your display, such as a Chromecast for Stadia or a separate phone, computer, or console. Samsung is removing the middleman with its Tizen TV line, implementing its own cloud gaming service.

The details are scarce, and as The Verge notes, it was actually previously tinkered with via PlayStation Now predecessor Gaikai several years ago. This seems like it would function similarly to that, though the advances made in internet speeds and latency over the last decade should hopefully make it run more smoothly.

On its own site, Samsung says it is working on "web-based cloud games" so players can enjoy them via Tizen televisions without needing "the latest consoles or expensive graphic cards." Being web-based and not app-based, it's unclear why this would be limited to only Tizen products, aside from Samsung wanting exclusivity on features or games. Still, the OS for Tizen is open-source and Samsung says it's working to let developers use all sorts of tools for compatibility.

Leapfrogging dedicated game devices for built-in cloud functionality on televisions isn't a huge surprise. Microsoft has also said it is working to develop streaming devices that you can use on a TV to enable cloud gaming without needing a console, and TV manufacturers will also include Xbox cloud gaming directly in the sets. For those without dedicated gaming hardware, the barrier to entry has never been lower--provided they have the internet speed to keep up and no data cap.

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