Sammy unveils its E3 lineup

Darkwatch, Spy Fiction, Iron Phoenix, The Shield, and Guilty Gear Isuka will be on display.


Today, Sammy studios became the latest publisher to unveil its E3 lineup. While the announcement had only one major surprise--that the game adaptation of The Shield will now be released for the Xbox--the list does give insight into what games the publisher is prepping for the upcoming year. The titles Sammy is showing include:

Darkwatch (PS2/Xbox--Spring 2005): Formerly Darkwatch: Curse of the West, Sammy's self-developed action horror game follows a fearless vampire hunter who's rustling bloodsuckers in the Old West.

The Shield (PS2/Xbox--Spring 2005): While it won't be accompanied by a rumored sex show, Point of View's adaptation of the FX television series will contain gritty realism. Billed as a "lost episode" of the series, the game will feature cast likenesses and voices from the hit TV show.

Spy Fiction (PS2--September 2004) Access Games' stealth actioner lets players both steal non-player characters' identities and engage in a menagerie of minigames. The game features character design by Last Exile's Renji Murata and a range of soon-to-be-revealed upgrades that aren't included in the recent Japanese release.

Iron Phoenix (Xbox--Holiday 2004) InterServ International's fighting game will let teams of virtual brawlers duke it out via Xbox Live. E3 will see the game's playable debut, with a LAN tournament open to all attendees.

Guilty Gear Isuka (PS2--Holiday 2004) Developed by Arc System Works, the two-fisted sequel to Guilty Gear X2 will sport four-player simultaneous play, combo customization, and all-new characters, arenas, and modes.

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