Sam & Max teaser site goes intergalactic

Telltale Games launches landing page for new season of dog-and-rabbit-thingy episodic adventure series, indicating 2010 release.

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Yesterday, Telltale Games released the fifth and final episode for its current season of Tales of Monkey Island, an adventure series following LucasArts' swashbuckling ne'er-do-well Guybrush Threepwood. Of course, that won't be the last stop in Telltale's revival of the adventure game genre. This week, Telltale launched a new Web site indicating that its Sam & Max series will return in 2010.

Though Telltale didn't delve into specifics of what gamers can expect from the new season of Sam & Max. However, the interstellar theme of the site indicates that the buttoned-down crime dog and his "hyperkinetic rabbit-thingy" companion will be undertaking new detective work in space. The site also contains a variety of embedded images, including what appear to be a Max-themed spaceship, a mustachioed Sam, and a demonic telephone, among others.

Max is seeing stars…
Max is seeing stars…

The Sam & Max teaser site also includes a form to sign up to receive e-mail alerts on new information concerning the next season of the game as it is announced. For an idea of what to expect from the new episodic adventure series, check out GameSpot's review of Sam & Max: Season 2.

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