Sam & Max site reports for duty

Telltale Games erects Web-based monument to/promotional tool for freelance police team of violently unstable, naked rabbity-thing and generally indifferent talking dog.


"I'm excited," exclaimed volatile freelance police-thing Max in LucasArt's 1993 adventure game Sam & Max Hit the Road, to which his canine compadre Sam responded, "Who isn't?"

This same exchange certainly has been repeating itself among the duo's fan base since Telltale Games announced that it was developing an episodic Sam & Max adventure game for the PC. To help fuel the excitement, Telltale has unveiled the Web site for its upcoming game.

Currently the site offers a humorous FAQ about the company's plans for the duo, a message board devoted to the game, and a promise of new Sam & Max comic strips on the way. In the FAQ, the Telltale team (composed of people involved with both the original Hit the Road and the canceled follow-up of more recent years) promises that they are working closely with series creator Steve Purcell, as he feels "a deep moral obligation to see to it that only the highest quality Sam & Max crap be dispersed into society in an effort to confuse and alarm our most impressionable young citizens." The site also links to Purcell's soon-to-be-launched new site for all the duo's endeavors, digital and otherwise.

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