Sam and Max return to retail

Boxed edition of Telltale Games' episodic series set for August release worldwide, courtesy of The Adventure Company, JoWood Group.


The 1993 LucasArts PC game Sam & Max Hit the Road was one of the traditional point-and-click adventure genre's last hurrahs. While the canine-and-lagamorph freelance police duo have returned in an episodic series of downloadable adventures from Telltale Games, they haven't set fuzzy foot in a retail game store for more than a decade.

That's set to change, because Telltale Games today announced agreements with publishers The Adventure Company and The JoWood Group that will see the first "season" of Sam & Max games released in stores worldwide this August.

The first four installments in the six-episode debut season have already been released online through subscription-based service GameTap as well as the Telltale Games Web site. The fifth episode, Reality 2.0, is expected to be released next month. Telltale currently sells episodes individually for $8.95, or as part of a season set for $34.95.

For more on the series, check out GameSpot's review of the most recent episode, Abe Lincoln Must Die!

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FINALLY! I downloaded the demo which took 3 hours, played it which took 10 mins, but it was funny as hell. Finally this game is coming to disc.

Avatar image for Greywind88

Oh god yes. I have been waiting for this to be released onto a disc. Dial up absolutely sucks, and I am so glad that they are still making games on a disc rather than converting everything to download. I have wanted to play this since the first issue. Yay!

Avatar image for xcollector

Too bad the release is only for the pc. I wanted to play this on my wii.

Avatar image for dyurth

Please, release! So my heart may be at peace... So many people to appease, a clientele to increase!! ...better cut this cheese...

Avatar image for gamereric4

I am so happy I could cry!

Avatar image for azizrulez

good news for people without access to downloadable content im one of them. also i hope there is some bonus content like "making of" and interviews with the voice actors and stuff.

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The only thing that could make this retail release any better is to include the original Sam & Max (talkie) in with the first 6 episodes. At no more than 100MB per episode, a standard DVD-9 disc will feel like Blu-Ray with all the room they'll have left for potential extras. I just hope they re-render the textures at twice the resolution since there'll be plenty of space.

Avatar image for Shut_Me_Up

Great, I've heard amazing things about Sam & Max, but I've never gotten to play. Now I can.

Avatar image for Colonel_Cool

Thats great news. 35 bucks is indeed a great deal for all six episodes.

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Avatar image for Dr_Corndog

$34.95 is a pretty good deal for all six episodes.

Avatar image for neogetter

Finally~~~ I couldn't get it online from where I am... So this is great news for me...

Avatar image for Doomshine

Yay, I've been waiting for this.

Avatar image for raydnex


Avatar image for Lord_Daemon

This news makes me a very happy Daemon indeed.

Avatar image for theKSMM

I'm really glad to see that somebody has resurrected the Sam and Max franchise. Now if we could get some more cartoons on TV, I'd be good.

Avatar image for jaredcrazy3232

NEVER DIS SAM AND MAX... or max will eat you..... now they need a new day of the tentacle and full throttle

Avatar image for sciss0rz

Now I don't need gametap, thank you.

Avatar image for orangebrat

[quote]The 1993 LucasArts PC game Sam & Max Hit the Road was one of the traditional point-and-click adventure genre's last hurrahs.[/quote] BS. The genre is around and bigger than ever. [url=<< LINK REMOVED >>]<< LINK REMOVED >>[/url] [quote]Yeah... point-and-click returns to retail![/quote] You must not have been in a retail store for many years then.

Avatar image for qrter

If you buy the whole season (6 episodes) in one go, you get them for 35 bucks, which is about 10 bucks cheaper than when you buy episodes individually. You also get the option to get the games on disk at the end of the season for free (you'll have to pay for shippingcosts). Don't know if this'll be the same as the boxed version, though.

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i might pick this up

Avatar image for sascha23

I remember going to the store and buying the first one back in the day for my PC. I've enjoyed these games also, but it doesn't quite have the same 'magical' feel of the first one. Perhaps as I play more of the episodes it will get more interesting.

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This is great news, because I don't like to buy a game online, I want a box to have in the book-shelf.

Avatar image for judog1

Cool, I can't wait, now I don't have to buy it online.

Avatar image for billysea

It is me or does anybody find this or other similar article relating to Sam & Max come up every few month?

Avatar image for StevenHawking

Finally I can get all the games at once, I have the first two episodes and they're wicked nice.

Avatar image for Pete5506

what comthitnuong said

Avatar image for gohantech00

Damn. That's pretty cool. And I like how it's hinted that there will be more than one "season" of these Sam and Max games, too;).

Avatar image for Homes225

Cool it is good to see an episodic game prevail for once :)

Avatar image for Reetesh

I knew this would happen! Now it will be available to a wider audience! :D

Avatar image for anime_boi

Yeah... point-and-click returns to retail!

Avatar image for SpecterX3

I was waiting for them to announce something like this, it was only a matter of time. I'll definitely pick it up now. At least then I won't have to wait for the next episode to come out after I've finished one.

Avatar image for dasloafer

Also, if they bundled in the original sam and max game, i'd pay like $60 for it

Avatar image for blackace

A boxed collection sounds good. I can probably get it on EBay for under $30 once it's released. I've wanted to play these games, but was not going to pay $9.00 a episode jus to download them.

Avatar image for dasloafer

Whoop! We're probably going to hear about whether or not they'll show up on Live pretty soon...

Avatar image for Zero_Fate_

Ill just continue buying the episodes.

Avatar image for vaejas

Sold. And throw in one of them secret purple paper decoder key copy protection sheets. Y'know, just for the nostalgia kick.

Avatar image for pandaramaster

Yes, excellent news! I hope they do console versions as well in case my PC isn't up to spec....:(

Avatar image for rokkuman09

A boxed collection? I might get them now. I have wanted to play them but never got to it. A boxed collection would make it much easier :D.

Avatar image for MoogleDragoon

I just found out about these games and I played the demo and was dying to get them. I may just hold off now so that I can purchase a box atleast for my collection. I kinda of dislike virtual games.

Avatar image for skywalker333

well, the games are funny and all, but because of their episodic nature, the stories are stand alone. so 6 stories of 2-3 hours of gameplay each, isnt the best deal we can get.

Avatar image for Jac5232

Well, good for those of us who are skeptical with making online purchases. Here's hoping there's no StarForce though. ;)

Avatar image for RedneckGamer87

Finally it's been so long, I grew up playing these classic adventure games like Sam and Max, Monkey Island, Loom, Kings Quest etc.

Avatar image for comthitnuong

I don't really like this game's episodic format. I'd rather have it all as one game.

Avatar image for Wootex

As long as the price is reasonable, I will get it.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

Sam & Max return, it;s been too long, and I don;t buy into this episodic gumpf.

Avatar image for Battleer

I've never liked point and click adventure games but I will definently pick this one up heck it's already a classic lol.

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