Sales of $149 PS2 on the up

SCEA announces that PlayStation 2 sales have more than doubled since the price of the console was cut to $149 last month.


Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today announced that sales of the PlayStation 2 have more than doubled in North America since the price of the console was cut from $179 to $149 last month. Immediately following the pre-E3 price drop announcement, SCEA's major retail partners saw week-over-week PS2 sales increase by 216 percent. Sales for the three full weeks since the price drop were up 141 percent on the three weeks prior to the announcement, and overall sales were up 26 percent compared to the same three-week period in 2003.

"Response to the $149 price point has been amazing," said Debbie Mola, divisional vice president of merchandising for Electronics Boutique. "We've seen a steady increase in consumer demand throughout our stores nationwide, with sales of PlayStation 2 rising to well above our expectations."

"This price drop came when we felt it was strategically the best timing to expand the market, and it's gratifying to see consumers respond so aggressively to our commitment to meet their growing expectations," added Jack Tretton, executive vice president, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "The new sales data provides a powerful proof-point that consumers--both our mass-market core audience and casual gamers--are placing their confidence in the longevity of [the] PlayStation 2, which we see as absolutely essential to the health of the industry. We will continue to make the PlayStation 2 experience the best entertainment value in the gaming category."

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