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Saints Row: The Third expansion cancelled

Saints Row: The Third - Enter the Dominatrix stand-alone expansion scrapped, to be rolled into Saints Row 4.


Saints Row publisher THQ has announced that Enter The Dominatrix will no longer be released as an expansion for Saints Row: The Third. The expansion, announced in May, will instead be incorporated into the next full game in the Saints Row series, due in 2013.

Saints Row 3 expansion expanding into a sequel.
Saints Row 3 expansion expanding into a sequel.

Newly appointed THQ president Jason Rubin says Volition's ambitions for the project made it better suited for Saints Row 4 ("a full-priced, full-length, high quality, connected experience") than for a stand-alone expansion to the last game, released in November 2011.

Rolling the expansion into the next full sequel may help development of Saints Row 4 along, but the move also pushes resulting sales from THQ's 2013 fiscal year into its 2014 fiscal year. The firm estimates this will mean taking a $20 million hit in net sales this financial year.

Enter The Dominatrix would have been Saints Row: The Third's first stand-alone expansion, following multiple smaller downloadable content packs. It was set to follow on from the events of the main game with an alien abduction plot and the addition of superpowers.

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