Saints Row E3 2005 Preshow Report

Guns, low-riders, and gangsters. Welcome to Saints Row.


Saints Row

MTV and Microsoft teamed up to show off some early facts about the next Xbox, the Xbox 360. As part of the special presentation, 14 games were shown in various stages of completion. One of the early titles on display on the special is Saints Row, an urban-themed crime/action game currently in the works at THQ.

While no hard information has been revealed about the game, it appears to have both in-car and on-foot action. The brief trailer shows a low-rider rolling up on an SUV, at which point the occupants of the SUV begin dumping at the lo-lo with what appears to be a couple of pistols and an assault rifle. The driver of the low-rider, either being sensible or merely unarmed, takes off into traffic, where he promptly collides with a pair of police cars. It's tough to tell if this footage is rendered using the game engine or if it's a pre-rendered sequence, but the action looks interesting.

What sort of game will Saints Row be? The early word is that it will be some sort of Grand Theft Auto-like action adventure game, and the footage certainly seems to back up that claim a bit. But we'll have to wait for THQ to let loose some more information on the game before we know for sure.

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