Saints Row Dev Announces Open-World Single-Player Game "Agents of Mayhem"

There will be an assortment of guns, gadgets, and abilities in Volition's next game.


The rumors were right. Today, Saints Row developer Volition announced its next game, and as rumored, it's called Agents of Mayhem.

According to the announcement story on IGN, Agents of Mayhem is set in an open-world urban landscape (Seoul, Korea). The tone has a "touch of the whimsical." All of this matches up with the core tenets of the developer's over-the-top and silly Saints Row series.

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You play as a squad of three agents, who each have their own unique skills. All of the heroes aren't exactly "good," according to the report. There will be an assortment of guns, gadgets, and abilities, while it's also been confirmed that Agents of Mayhem is a single-player-only title.

For more on Agents of Mayhem, check out the cinematic announcement trailer here on YouTube.

In May, the parent company of Volition's owner Deep Silver filed a trademark application for "Agents of Mayhem." That name also showed up on resumes and demo reels.

Agents of Mayhem comes out in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check back later for more on Agents of Mayhem.

Deep Silver acquired Volition and the Saints Row franchise out of THQ's bankruptcy auction for $22.3 million. Ubisoft was the backup bidder, offering $5.4 million.

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