Saints Row demo hits stores

Trial version of THQ's open-ended Xbox 360 action game to be available at major retailers by the end of the week.


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While the full version of THQ's Xbox 360 urban action game Saints Row isn't expected to hit the streets until the end of August, a demo version of it has begun trickling into stores. According to a THQ representative, the demo disc should be available at all major retailers by the end of the week.

However, some Toys R Us locations have been selling the demo disc as a separate game instead of a preorder bonus. A Toys R Us representative told GameSpot this was a mistake, saying THQ sent out the demo disc before the company had started taking preorders on Saints Row, and some stores mistakenly put it out on the shelves early. With no associated preorder program, the discs merely ring up as a $9.99 Xbox 360 game.

People who already purchased the demo aren't completely out of luck. The representative said that once the chain starts taking preorders for the game (currently expected to happen August 1), customers who bring in their receipt and the demo can have the money credited to a preorder of the game.

In addition to the demo, the disc contains a "making of" documentary, which includes music tracks, trailers, and artwork from the game. THQ is attempting to have a downloadable version of the demo ready for the Xbox Live Marketplace around August 1.

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