Saga of Ryzom contest announced

Nevrax offering Nvidia graphics cards as prizes for in-game trivia contest; questioning begins January 28.


The Saga of Ryzom

Saga of Ryzom players harping on about the shoddiness of their graphics cards are in for some good news. Nevrax has announced an in-game trivia contest for its massively multiplayer online role-playing game Saga of Ryzom. Beginning January 28, gamers will be able to compete for BFG Nvidia GeForce graphics cards by being the first gamer to correctly answer a trivia question or a riddle on a specially designated contest chat channel. Runners-up will receive Ryzom gear. Nevrax has 50 graphics cards to give away, and they will give away one every Friday, Sunday, and Wednesday at 11:00pm EST.

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