Safecracker ready for business

Puzzle-centric adventure title from The Adventure Company and Kheops Studio cracks its development cycle.


Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure, a PC adventure game planned for release next month, has wrapped up development and gone gold, the game's publisher announced today. Eschewing plot in favor of puzzle solving, Safecracker sets a simple premise before players. Billionaire Duncan W. Adams has died, and his family has hired "an expert safecracker" to investigate and find the deed to the rich man's treasures--which is apparently locked away in one of 35 safes scattered around his mansion. Would-be combo-solvers must follow the treasure's trail from one vault to the next to find and decipher the master safe. For more on Safecracker, check out GameSpot's previous coverage at this year's E3.

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