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Sacrifice First Impression

Dave Perry and Shiny are working on an unusual-looking 3D real-time strategy game. With fantastic weather effects and good graphics, Sacrifice definitely is eye-catching. But it's the gameplay that sounds surprisingly good.


The maker of Earthworm Jim and MDK, and most recently Messiah, is at it again with Sacrifice, a game that's most striking for its unique creature design. Sacrifice is a real-time strategy game in which you play as a wizard that can summon creatures in the name of his dark deity. You can even manipulate the weather and the landscape using your more powerful spells, all of which you'll cast in order to rid the world of your heretic rivals and their so-called gods.

The gameplay perspective and the huge field of view lends Sacrifice an epic sense of scale. You'll be able to recruit a slew of more than 50 different creatures to do you bidding, and they'll range from pesky goblins to massive dragons, though not a one of the creatures will bear any likeness to its traditional archetype. In addition, Sacrifice will emphasize its real-time combat above all else, and as such, resource management will be kept simple and shouldn't be intrusive.

Sacrifice will support four players in a multiplayer grudge match. It's got impressive graphics and a premise and setting that seem interesting and different. Sacrifice will be playable at E3, so make sure and check out our hands-on impressions of the latest incarnation of the game.

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