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Sable Guide: How To Get The Shade Of Eccria Mask

Mask up


As in our own world circa 2021, many of the denizens of Sable wear masks. And one of the coolest masks you can find during the course of the game is a sleek black face covering dotted with dozens of darting eyes. It’s called the Shade of Eccria mask, and you will, fittingly, earn it as part of a quest called “The Shade of Eccria.” To get it, you’ll need to head for, you guessed it, Eccria, a bustling settlement on the western side of the map, and roughly straight west, with a slight north list, from Burnt Oak Station.

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Once you reach Eccria, go beneath the bridge that leads into the city from the south. Here you’ll find Maz, who will ask you to recover a child he looks after who has been imprisoned by the town guards (If Maz isn’t there, follow the ‘Heartbreak in the City’ quest until you restore power back to Eccria). But you can’t just walk up and tell the guards to hand the child over. Instead, Maz informs you that he was once a vigilante called the Shade of Eccria and says that, if you don the mask he once wore, the guards will be too terrified to stop you from rescuing the child. Maz instructs you to seek out the Shade of Eccria mask by looking for a symbol on the town gate and following it until you find the mask. The town gate is right above Maz, so climb up on the bridge and have a look.

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The symbol, which looks like a film reel, is painted on other surfaces in and around the town, too, but we had a hard time following Maz’s logic for how exactly it directed us to the mask. Fortunately, Eccria isn’t too big of a place and Maz (helpfully) hints that you will need to go through water in order to find it. So head to the lake immediately north of Eccria and swim out to the rocks on the western side of the water. In the hidden alcove within the rocks, you should spy the symbol again. This symbol is above a cave. Enter it and open the chest at its center to receive the Shade of Eccria mask.

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Mask in hand, head back to Maz and follow his instructions to complete the quest. The former Shade will tell you to wait until night time before you go to the prison. He will ask you if you’re ready to start. Say yes, and the rest of the quest will play out in a cutscene.

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