Ryse: Son of Rome PC Version Strips Out Xbox One's Microtransactions

Crytek reveals a long list of features for the PC version of its action game, and microtransactions aren't included.

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In a post to its website today, Crytek laid out the reasons why the upcoming PC version of Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome is not just a simple cash-in, listing out a raft of graphics options and revealing that the PC version won't have any microtransactions.

First of all, the PC version of Ryse features 4K resolution support, which Crytek says will allow for the visuals to shine with "spectacular new levels of details." PC players leveraging the 4K support can expect "jaw-dropping textures, shading, and more," Crytek says.

The Settings screen for Ryse on PC
The Settings screen for Ryse on PC

Ryse for PC has an unlocked frame rate by default, but you can enable a 30fps frame rate lock to ensure stable performance. PC players also have a native upscaling option and a rendering resolution option that allows you to select what resolution you want Ryse to be rendered at.

In addition, the PC version of Ryse features options for shading quality, shadows quality, particle quality, animation quality, object detail, motion blur, temporal anti-aliasing, and anisotropic filtering. This is a technique that helps improve the clarity of in-game textures.

Outside of those features, the PC version or Ryse includes the four DLC expansion packs released for the Xbox One game. These add-ons brought new maps to the game's multiplayer mode and introduced the Survival mode itself. In addition, Ryse for PC will not include any microtransactions.

"We have also removed the optional microtransactions that were present on the Xbox One," Crytek writes.

Ryse launches for PC on October 10. Preordering the game on Steam will get you a copy of the game's 25-song soundtrack, performed by the Hungarian Studio Orchestra. Ryse for PC also includes full Steamworks support, meaning it will have Steam Achievements, trading cards, cloud saves, and leaderboards. Steam Big Picture support is also there.

Lastly, Ryse for PC features support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers. For more on the differences in graphics between the Xbox One and PC versions of Ryse, check out the video above. You can see the minimum and recommended system requirements for the game right here.

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