Ryse progressing 'really well'

Crytek's Roman warrior Kinect game making progress, but developer won't confirm if it's coming to Xbox 360 or next-gen.


Crytek's Roman warrior Kinect game Ryse remains in development, but whether it lands on the Xbox 360 or its successor remains in question. Speaking to Eurogamer, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said the project is "moving forward really well, we just can't talk about it."

Ryse is moving forward, but is it a next-gen game?
Ryse is moving forward, but is it a next-gen game?

Ryse was announced during Microsoft's 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo as "Codename Kingdoms," with its new name coming a year later. A report from December 2011 suggested the project had shifted from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox 720, which is rumored to ship in 2013 with Kinect 2.0.

Speaking to the rumor of Ryse shifting console generations, Yerli said, "I don't know! We're still working with Microsoft, so obviously we can't change platforms. But if you mean within Microsoft--that I can't comment on."

Since Ryse was initially unveiled, development on the project has moved from Crytek's Budapest outfit to its Frankfurt studio. Yerli explained this shift, saying, "The development team shifted, but for different reasons than people assume. People think it's because it didn't work out, but actually it was a studio redirection. We wanted Budapest to focus a bit more on mobile and tablet, and they released Fibble, which was quite an excursion for Crytek. And we'll do more casual stuff but that's also free-to-play."

In June, Microsoft Studios executive Phil Spencer said Ryse will not ship until summer 2013 at the very earliest. At the time, he said the game was playable on the Xbox 360.

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