Ryse not shipping for at least 12 months

Microsoft executive says Crytek's Kinect action game will not ship until summer 2013 at the earliest, now playable on Xbox 360.


Gamers eager for the first Kinect game from Crytek--Ryse--will need to have patience. Speaking to The Verge, Microsoft Studios executive Phil Spencer dispelled rumors that the game had been canceled, saying it will arrive sometime after the next 12 months.

Ryse is still on the way, Spencer says.
Ryse is still on the way, Spencer says.

"We're still building Ryse," Spencer said. "We're focused on games coming in the next twelve months, something I say every year, and it's not something we'll be shipping in the next twelve months."

If Ryse does arrive sometime in 2013, it may do so alongside a new Xbox. A 56-page document claiming to originate from Microsoft surfaced this weekend, indicating an Xbox 720 and an updated version of the Kinect would be on store shelves next year.

A report from December 2011 suggested development on Ryse had shifted from the Xbox 360 to a next-generation Microsoft console. Spencer did not comment on whether the game will arrive on a current or future Microsoft platform, but he did say the game is playable at present on the Xbox 360.

Ryse was announced during the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo by Crytek as "Codename Kingdoms." At the same show a year later, the Rome-set Kinect game was revealed with its new name.

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