Ryan 'State' Visbeck leaves ROOT Gaming, plans on joining a Korean team

The American protoss player who initially travelled to Korea to stay with fOu has now left his home team for the past six months in order to join a Korean team.


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At the end of 2013, Ryan 'State' Visbeck surprised the world of SC2 as he made his way over to Korea in an attempt to qualify for WCS KR in 2014. Whilst his first WCS KR qualifier was less than successful, it didn't discourage the American protoss from staying in the most competitive region in modern day SC2, and yesterday announced his departure from ROOT Gaming in order to prolong his stay in Korea by joining a Korean organisation.

The decision to leave was mutual on from both parts, and ROOT Gaming's founder and owner Paulo 'CatZ' Vizcarra had nothing but warm words for his former player and his decision to remain in Korea.

Statement from Paulo 'CatZ' Vizcarra:

We're really happy to have had State as a member of our team and to have supported him as best as we could. Ryan's goal at the moment is to stay in Korea and ROOT isn't able to support him as well as we'd both like to overseas. For this reason, as his contract with us has ended, we've mutually decided not to renew and part ways.

Visbeck revealed that he is currently residing in team Prime's center of operations. Whether or not he will join the team has not yet been disclosed.

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