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Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool 3 And Getting Hugh Jackman On Board

The Deadpool star talked that it wasn't exactly a hard sell to bring back Hugh Jackman.


Marvel fans rejoiced back in September when Ryan Reynolds dropped the bombshell that Hugh Jackman would come back one last time to play Wolverine and join Reynolds in Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3. Jackman had previously said he had retired from the role with the critically-acclaimed Logan back in 2017, but it didn't take much to convince Jackman to return apparently.

While promoting his upcoming Apple TV+ Christmas musical, Spirited, Reynolds told Collider what went into getting Jackman to return to his trademark role, one he's had for over 20 years.

"I always wanted Hugh to come back. My first meeting with Kevin Feige when Disney bought Fox years ago, maybe three years ago, or three and a half, four years ago, I'm not sure, was about doing a movie with the two of us, a Deadpool Wolverine movie. And that was not possible at the time. And then Hugh just happened to call at that perfect moment and express that he'd be interested in coming back and doing this one more time."

Reynolds and Jackman previously teamed up as Wade Wilson and Wolverine in the abysmal X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie back in 2009, where the character of Deadpool was more or less in name only. In the movie, Deadpool was a creation made of dead mutants, hence the name. The most egregious was the fact that they had removed his mouth. Reynolds wants to set this team up right this time.

"[For] me, working with Hugh is a dream come true," Reynolds continued. "But working with Logan and having Logan and Wade together in a movie is beyond any dream I would ever be audacious enough to have. So I'm really, really super f---ing excited to do this film."

Deadpool 3 is set to premiere in theaters on November 8, 2024.

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