Ryan Reynolds Plays The Hero In New Free Guy Trailer

Ryan Reynolds wants more from his boring life as an NPC in a video game, and gets more than he expected in new trailer.


The second trailer for the Ryan Reynolds comedy Free Guy has arrived.The first teaser dropped last December with an original release date in July, but was pushed back like several movies of the year. Free Guy is now tentatively scheduled for December 11. Check out the new trailer below.

Reynolds plays Guy, a bank teller NPC in a video game that looks like a mix between Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto. In the trailer, we see that thanks to programmers Milly (Julie Comer) and Keys (Joe Keery), Guy becomes aware of his world being a video game, and takes steps to make himself the hero for once. The game's publisher, Antoine (Waititi) now wants to shut down the game as it's causing chaos.

Free Guy had been in development at Fox before its acquisition by Disney, and is one of the first Fox films to continue production under Disney ownership, as well as under the studio's new name 20th Century Studios.

Despite the new premiere weekend, that could move or be null and void as theater chains like Regal have temporarily shut down. However, some movies are making a more seamless transition to streaming such as the remake of The Witches that will be hitting HBO Max later in October.

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