Ryan Reynolds Makes Raunchy Twitter Joke About 2010 Sesame Street Appearance

All of this brought to you by the letter A.


An eagle-eyed fan watching Sesame Street reruns with her child recently spotted actor Ryan Reynolds singing while wearing the letter A way back in 2010. That's pretty much all the setup you need to appreciate and understand the deadpan crack (no pun intended) Reynolds made when responding to the excited fan on Twitter about what a struggle it was to fit into the "A-hole." Check out his tweet below and the originating clip as well.

Twitter user Marie Julianna summed things up best in an equally lightning-fast assertion that, "The speed at which [Reynolds can] veer back and forth between filthy and wholesome is delightful." Given the actor's propensity for internet gags, goofs, and pranks, this joke was a nice on-the-fly bonus. It also continues a lengthy streak of antics that include an ongoing fake feud against Hugh Jackman for who can raise the most for charity (which Jackman won in December).

As for the actor's main gig, the film Free Guy is expected out May 21. It's a sci-fi comedy set within a fictional open world video game titled Free City, which is loosely based on Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite. Reynolds plays a non-player character who becomes aware of his reality and sets about trying to become a hero character before the game is shut down. The cast also includes Killing Eve star Jodie Comer and Taika Waititi, and there will be cameos from YouTube personalities such as Seán William McLoughlin, Tyler Blevins, and Imane Anys.

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