Ryan Reynolds Is Producing A Wacky-Sounding New TV Game Show


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Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds is getting involved with a new TV show, and it might not be what you expect. Reynolds is producing the new ABC game show "Don't."

As reported by Variety, the original game show is a "comedic physical game show" where families of four take part in mental and physical challenges where they "don't" do something. Examples include "don't forget," "don't slip," or anything else, it seems.

Here's more from Variety's description of the show:

"Each episode will focus on one family as they go through the 'Don't' tests. If they succeed, they'll win a cash prize. But if the family fails a challenge, one of them will be eliminated. When just one contestant is left, the last remaining family member must compete on their own. Whatever money they've earned, the family keeps."

Reynolds has a history with ABC, as he starred on the late '90s sitcom Two Guys and a Girl (which was originally titled Two Guys, A Girl & a Pizza Place). More recently, the Deadpool franchise joins ABC owner Disney after that company bought the Deadpool series from Fox. He also has some experience with game shows, as he showed up on a South Korean game show as part of viral marketing for Deadpool 2.

"All my life, the word 'don't' has tortured me," Reynolds said. "From 'don't curse' to 'don't play ball in the house' to 'don't eat the crab salad you left in the sun for three days.' I cannot wait for my personal trauma to become the next great ABC family show," Reynolds said.

Go to Variety to get the full story.

The next big Ryan Reynolds movie is Detective Pikachu; Reynolds voices Pikachu.

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