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Rust Developer Made More Than $1 Million In A Day Twice This Week

Rust's resurgence in popularity is proving to be lucrative for developer Facepunch.


Despite having released all the way back in 2013 through Early Access, the PC survival game Rust is enjoying a new lease on life recently after numerous streamers started playing it again. This uptick in attention has led to a huge spike in sales and revenue, according to Garry Newman of developer Facepunch.

Newman revealed on Twitter that Facepunch made more than $1 million in gross revenue on two different occasions this week on Steam. You can see the sales graphic below. Now, some of this revenue might be related to Facepunch's other game, Garry's Mod, but you'd have to imagine the bulk is coming from Rust.

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Newman also shared that Rust recently doubled its record for player count, a record that was set just days prior. Steam's public data shows that Rust had more than 200,000 peak concurrent players on January 8, which makes it among the most popular games on Steam overall.

While Rust was initially released in Early Access back in 2013, the full release happened in 2018. Many are saying Rust is enjoying an Among Us-style resurgence, as both games grew significantly in popularity after streamers began to play more and more. Rust didn't receive a very positive reception when it entered full release. It also underwent several design changes, including the removal of zombies.

A console edition of Rust is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was recently delayed to 2021, but there is reason to believe it might be releasing sooner rather than later.

In other news, a new update for Rust is out now on PC--check out the patch notes.

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