Rust Breaks Yet Another Record on Steam Due To Streaming Surge

Survival game Rust has broken its previous concurrent player count on Steam, topping out at just under 250,000 playing simultaneously.


Rust has been riding high recently, and that's led to yet another broken record for the survival game. According to Steam Charts, Rust recently punctured its previous high of 134,483 concurrent players with a jaw-dropping 244,394 concurrent players. As we've previously written, this surge in interest is due mostly to the game's increased profile on Twitch, where it's often been the most-viewed game over the past few weeks.

As PCGamesN notes, while just under 250k players might sound like a lot, it's actually significantly less than the likes of Steam's other top games, including Dota 2, PUBG, and the all-time champion Counter Strike: Global Offensive. (For example, CS:GO's all-time peak is 1.3 million, according to Steam Charts.) Still, it's an impressive number for the survival game to hit, especially since its usual peak was around 50 to 100k prior to this increase in popularity.

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Rust's Twitch dominance shows no signs of abating. As of the time of writing, Rust is the top-streamed game on the platform, with around 450k viewers, compared to 322k for the next-highest, League of Legends. The developer behind Rust recently revealed that the game made more than $1 million in one day twice in one week, and that the game might be coming to consoles very soon

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