Russell Crowe's New Movie Involves A Very, Very High Stakes Game Of Poker

Crowe plays a tech billionaire who invites friends over for a game of poker, but it's a lot more than that.


Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe has signed on for a new movie called Poker Face. It's not about Lady Gaga. Crowe plays a tech billionaire named Jake who gets involved in an extremely high stakes game of poker.

Gary Fleder is signed on to direct from a screenplay by Stephen M. Coates.

In the movie, Jake brings together his childhood friends at his Miami mansion under the guise of a high stakes game of poker--but it's a lot more than that.

"Those friends have a love hate relationship with the host, a master game-player/planner, and he has concocted an elaborate scheme designed to bring a certain justice to all of them," reads a line from the movie's description, as relayed by Deadline. "However, Jake finds himself re-thinking his strategy when his Miami mansion is overtaken by a dangerous home invader whose previous jobs have all ended in murder and arson."

In other news about Crowe--who won his Oscar for Gladiator--he's signed on to play Zeus in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. He's just the latest Oscar-winner to join the cast, as Christian Bale is lined up to play the villain in the superhero blockbuster.

There is no word yet on who else will appear in Poker Face or when the movie will release.

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