Rushlabs launches Kickstarter campaign to fund Homeworld-inspired Universe Rush

Rushlabs hopes to raise $100,000 to fund the development of a space-themed, MMO-strategy mobile game.

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Developer Rushlab has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Universe Rush, a space-themed MMO-strategy game for mobile. They are hoping to raise $100,000 by Feb. 3.

As fans of the Relic Games real-time strategy series will surely notice, and as Rushlab readily admits, Universe Rush is very much inspired by Homeworld. In story, gameplay, and even down to individual ship design, Universe Rush exudes Homeworld.

It's a good game to copy. Homeworld brought something new to the real-time strategy genre when it was released in 1999, forcing players to think and take advantage of a fully 3D space battlefield. Universe Rush looks like it will play similarly, but it's not like it isn't innovating either.

With a multiplayer focus similar to Supercell's Clash of Clans and many other mobile games, Universe Rush will allow you to build up a persistent fleet, form alliances, and attack other players. It's an idea that meshes well with Homeworld's original design. Touch controls will not only be an appropriate method to manage you fleet (one of the difficulties in playing Homeworld), the notion of a persistent fleet was another thing that made Homeworld's campaign unique.

You can download a very limited but impressive free tech demo of the graphics engine (built in Unity3D) Universe Rush will use from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Another Homeworld game, Homeworld Shipbreakers, is also on its way. Developed by former Relic members at Blackbird Interactive, the game was originally titled HARDWARE. But Gearbox, which bought the rights for the brand from THQ during its bankruptcy auction, was kind enough to lend Blackbird the name.

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