Rush races for PSP

Midway returns to streets of Los Angeles with new missions, exclusive battle, and stunt modes.


Midway is set to put the pedal to the metal again this fall, as the company has revealed the first details on Rush for the PSP, the latest in its long line of California-based cruising games and the first for Sony's handheld.

Like last year's L.A. Rush, the PSP Rush will include a story mode set in a shortcut-laden City of Angels, which will feature more than 50 rides (at least 36 of them licensed), some of them downright pimped-out rides courtesy of West Coast Customs. However, Rush will also include some extras, including 30 new cruise missions, a hip-hop and rock soundtrack with new tracks from Lil' Kim and Twista, and the ability to play any cruise mission with another player by way of the PSP's Wi-Fi capabilities.

Also featured on the PSP Rush will be stunt arena and battle race modes. The latter mode will let players go head-to-head with each other in a power-up-propelled race to the finish, while the stunt arena calls upon players to launch their cars off ramps and sail through the air performing various twists and turns before (hopefully) landing on all four wheels. As in the stunt mode in the Dreamcast version of San Francisco Rush 2049, golden tokens that unlock extra content in the game will be placed amid the mayhem.

Rush for the PSP is set for release in September and has not yet been rated or priced. For more from Midway, check out GameSpot's sneak peek at the company's upcoming press event.

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