Runner 2 breaks away from Bit.Trip pack

Gaijin Games bringing sequel to rhythm-based platformer with new art style to XBLA, PSN; release date TBA.


The Bit.Trip series may be complete, but it doesn't spell the end for Bit.Trip mascot CommanderVideo. Gaijin Games has launched a new website to announce the first post-Bit.Trip game, Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien.

Gaijin offered a tease of Runner 2's art direction.
Gaijin offered a tease of Runner 2's art direction.

The Runner 2 website is light on posts at the moment, but what is there introduces the team and shows 3D, cartoonish concept art that is very different from what players have come to expect from the Bit.Trip series. One post poses the question, "Why is Runner2 not in the classic 'BIT.TRIP' art style?!!!" The answer? "BECAUSE THE GAME DEMANDED IT!"

Gaijin Games' Andrew Hynek says one of the main goals of the Runner 2 project is to "build things in such a way that they can be used both for numerous platforms and also for future projects."

Runner 2 is in development for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN and currently has no specified window for release. For an idea of what to expect, check out GameSpot's review of Bit.Trip Runner.

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