RuneSword II goes gold

Shrapnel Games' role-playing game is complete and will soon be available.


RuneSword II

Shrapnel Games has announced that its latest role-playing game, RuneSword II, has gone gold and will ship on September 28. The game was designed to appeal to pen-and-paper role-playing game players. It includes two full-length single-player adventures, four mini-adventures, an adventure construction set, and an automatic random adventure generator. In addition, the game includes a variety of monsters, traps, magic items, and non-player characters. In the game, players will create and play as a character from one of 13 races, and they can customize their characters with more than 35 different skills.

RuneSword II was developed by Crosscut Games, the company that created the original RuneSword game. The game is now available for preorder for $39.95 on the official Shrapnel Games Web site.

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