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RuneScape Adds Brand New Twilight Of The Gods Quest

The Twilight Of The Gods update is meant to set up the Zamorak Boss Battle.


Jagex has announced Twilight of the Gods, a new update for its popular MMORPG mobile game Runescape. The new quest is meant to bridge the gap between the Elder God Wars and the Zamorak Boss Battle that is set to happen later this summer. While completing this quest, players will earn special protection when battling Zamorak, the Lord of Chaos. The Twilight of the Gods update is the final quest for players to complete before taking on Zamorak.

During the quest, you'll uncover Zamorak's plans while exploring key locations and solving various puzzles to find a cure for a new mysterious demon illness. Upon completion, players will earn five Zamorak Reroll Tokens. These tokens will be available as drops from Elder God Wars Dungeon bosses and a special item will provide a 10% damage reduction against The Dark Lord in combat.

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The Zamorak boss battle is scheduled to launch on July 5. Players who complete the battle will be rewarded with cosmetic transmogrification items that'll transform players into an abyssal form and experience lamps for Magic and Divination.

The RuneScape's Yak Track has also returned and will run until July 24. Players who participate in the Yak Track will be able to obtain Iaia-themed cosmetic rewards and pets. RuneScape is a free-to-play game cross-platform/progression game on PC, iOS, and Android.

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