Human Head's Rune will be a third-person action game that stars Ragnar, the savage Viking barbarian, who ventures forth into the world to seek out and destroy the evil force that is slaughtering his people.

Human Head's Rune will be an action game that focuses on exploration of fully 3D environments, as well as melee combat with broadswords and battle-axes. Rune takes place in the time of the Vikings, when Nordic warriors formed armies to conquer the surrounding lands and Viking berserkers would vanquish any that dared oppose them. But in Rune, the dominance of the Vikings is no longer complete: Strange and vicious monsters have been sighted in the hills and valleys of the Vikings' homeland - monsters whose ferocious attacks have claimed the lives of many brave warriors. As Ragnar, you must do battle with these creatures, slay as many as you can, and find and eliminate the force that threatens to destroy the Viking people.

Rune has a host of evil monsters to defeat and a number of huge areas to explore. However, Rune is powered by an enhanced version of the extremely flexible Unreal engine. This engine will bring color and life to Rune's many and varied environments: the cavernous underworld, the frozen mountains of Ragnar's Viking ancestors, and the dense forests of the dwarves that lead to Valhalla itself. The flexibility of the Unreal engine will also let Ragnar interact with his environment; he might pick up a torch to light his way, only to discover a horde of monsters hidden in the darkness, but he'll be able to use the torch itself as a weapon.

Would-be Vikings can take up Ragnar's swords and axes this August, when Rune is scheduled for release.

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