Rune Weapon Art and Details

Human Head releases more information on the weapons found in its upcoming Viking-themed action game.


Gathering of Developers and Human Head Studios have released information about the weapons found in the upcoming Viking action game Rune. The game uses an enhanced version of the Unreal engine, and features three classes of weapons: swords, axes, and hammers. Each class has unique advantages and disadvantages: swords are fast and sharp but are ineffective against armor; axes are better against enemies with medium armor; and hammers are slow and cumbersome but can deliver crushing blows to enemies protected by heavy armor. Each weapon has a magical Rune power in addition to its typical weapon characteristics.

The following is a list of weapons and their corresponding magical Rune powers:

Viking Short Sword / Magic Shield - Replaces shield with magical shield
Roman Sword / Flame - Anything you attack catches on fire
Viking Broad Sword / Vampire - Damage inflicted comes back as health
Dwarven Work Sword / Lighting - Balls of lightning are shot from your sword
Dwarven Battle Sword / Avalanche - Boulders are hurled at your enemies

Hand Axe / Spirit - Invisibility
Goblin Axe / Unlimited Throw - Throw axe an unlimited number of times
Viking Axe / Ally - Anything you attack becomes your ally
Sigurd's Axe / Freeze - All enemies you attack are frozen for a short time
Dwarven Battle Axe / Super Damage - Attack damage increases significantly

Rusty Mace / Shockwave - A sonic wave throws your enemies away from you
Goblin Bone Club / Sonic Blast - A sonic blast hits your enemies
Tri Mace / Blaze - Sends out a fire attack to those that surround you
Dwarven Work Hammer / Earth - Ground breaks apart and flies at enemies
Dwarven Battle Hammer / Stone - Enemies turn to stone for a period of time

Rune is scheduled for release at the end of October.

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