Run Like Hell goes gold

Interplay announces that development on the enhanced Xbox version of its futuristic adventure game is now finished.


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Interplay Entertainment has today announced that the Xbox version of Run Like Hell has gone gold and is now being prepared to ship to retail early next month. The PS2 version of the game disappointed when it was released in September last year, but the Xbox version has been enhanced through the inclusion of an additional level, five additional rooms, and several new creatures. Interplay is also promising that new content, including minigames and skins, will be made available for the game via Xbox Live after launch.

"The enhanced Xbox version of the game has allowed the development team to create a more intense sci-fi experience for fans of the genre," said Gary Dawson, COO of Interplay Entertainment. "We're sure gamers will be excited with the added features and content."

Run Like Hell sees players assuming the role of an exiled military hero named Nick Connor who has been sent to work at a mining station. Upon returning from a mission, Connor discovers that the rest of the crew has been all but wiped out by aliens. It's up to him to find out what the aliens' plans are and put a stop to them.

Run Like Hell for the Xbox is scheduled for release in April. For more information on the game, you might like to check out our full review of the PS2 version.

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