Run Like Hell First Impression

Run Like Hell is a futuristic survival-horror game where you play as a single man trying to survive in a space station taken over by a deadly alien race.


RLH: Run Like Hell

Still very early in development, this survival horror game is set on a space station overrun by a deadly alien race. You control Captain Nick Conner, a pilot whose wife has been kidnapped by the aliens. The atmosphere of the short trailer and non-playable demo shown behind closed doors looked impressive, especially since I did not immediately think: "Resident Evil clone." As its title suggests, the emphasis of the game will be on avoiding and escaping, rather than directly confronting your enemies; outthinking the aliens will be more important than blasting them.

The level of violence should be quite graphic, as the demo showed a few disturbing scenes, including a captured human who consisted only of a head with an attached arm. Lance Henriksen, who starred in Aliens and Millennium, is voicing Connner, and John Carpenter, the director of Halloween and Escape from New York, is in talks to develop camera angles for the game.

Run Like Hell is on track for a spring 2001 release date.

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