Run Like Hell Character Feature: Part Six

The sixth installment in our ongoing RLH feature focuses on Jinx, daughter of the Hegemony President.


RLH: Run Like Hell
Meet Jinx.
Meet Jinx.

Name: Lau Meiyin, aka Jinx
Race: Human
Age: 16
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 105 pounds
Birthplace: Constantine, Hegemony Capitol, Woden System

Jinx is the daughter of Lau Zhijian, the current Hegemony president, and her birth name is Lau Meiyin. Though she grew up in the public eye, her stern, harsh father was seldom around, usually off on matters of state. Jinx's rebellious streak was a result of this. During her youth, she was arrested on numerous occasions--once for attempting to procure Jaxn'trep Ale, and twice for disorderly conduct. Soon after the second instance, her father put her under the care of two bodyguards.

The Neh-Lok war brought further chaos to Jinx's life. After an assassination attempt on her father, Jinx and her mother were forced into hiding. Forced to remain outside of the public eye for fear of a similar attempt on them, they hopped from system to system, never staying anywhere too long. By the time the Neh-Lok war reached its three-year mark, Jinx's mother had had enough--she filed divorce papers from hiding and officially ended her marriage to the president.

While pollsters predicted that President Zhijian would lose the upcoming election due to this, the actions of a bold young officer broke the Neh-Lok fleet, helping the president regain the public's favor. His approval rating skyrocketed, while the domestic incident faded into obscurity.

After severing ties with her father, Jinx's mother, a chemist by trade, traveled to the far ends of the galaxy with Jinx in tow. In was during this period that the pair met Dr. Reilly, a rising star in the field of xenobiology. Reilly was assembling a group of like-minded scientists in order to serve the noble interests of the Hegemony government. Within six months, Dr. Reilly had assembled her group at the Forseti station. However, the space station life quickly wore on Jinx--she became restless, and she took to hanging out in the station's control center. This is where she met Commander Sanderson, who took Jinx under her wing. From her, Jinx learned the ins and outs of Forseti's computer system. While this allowed Jinx's natural affinity for computers to flourish, it also resulted in her getting into a good deal of trouble for hacking into the personal databases of various crewmembers.

At the game's outset, Jinx has crossed the station's security chief, Dag'Rek, 16 times--a record number. Her fiery demeanor will surely result in her role being an interesting one in the game's story.

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