Run Like Hell Character Feature: Part Seven

This week, we take a look at Samantha Reilly, fiancee of her Nick Conner.

Dr. Samantha Reilly.
Dr. Samantha Reilly.

Name: Dr. Samantha Reilly
Job Description: Xeno-Biologist
Race: Human
Age: 32
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 120
Birthplace: Heimdall's Tear, Heimdall System

The daughter of decorated Jaxn'Trep War veteran Corporal Kenneth Reilly, Samantha Reilly was born on a military outpost in the border worlds. When she was young, her father was killed in a battle against pirates, so Samantha and her mother remained on the military outpost known as Heimdall's Tear.

A bright student, Samantha was always ahead of the class. When she reached her teen years, she constantly debated whether to join the military and follow in her father's footsteps or pursue other options. Later it became clear that because of a childhood event in which Samantha encountered a group of Jaxn'trep, Samantha's real interest was in exploring the biological differences between races.

After she graduated from high school, Samantha entered into the University of Io, Jupiter, where she met her best friend, Amanda Bethune. Samantha graduated suma cum laude with a PhD in xeno-biology and was immediately bombarded with various job offers, but she still wanted to do research for the military. When she was 24, Samantha took a job on the Hegemony Research planet, where, for the next two years, she studied a wide variety of creatures, including the Ruhs of the Uller system.

When she reached the age of 29, Samantha had the opportunity to join a group of roving scientists in Hegemony who were researching new life-forms and environments. The head of the group died, and Samantha was nominated to become the new leader. After an interview, she was promptly hired. Samantha was the youngest scientist to ever lead that particular group. Amanda, Samantha's friend from the University of Io, joined the group a year later.

Under Samantha's direction, the group continued to encounter and catalog new species until deposits of merosteel and uranium were found on a remote border world in the Centauri system. Samantha and her group were assigned to study the application of these materials, but when they arrived in the system, Samantha made two more discoveries: the existence of a dinosaur-like life-form on the planet below and a Neh-Lok on the station. It was on this same station that Samantha fell in love with Captain Nick Conner, a war hero from the Neh-Lok Human War. The two plan to wed in December.

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