Run Chicken Run

Thanks to Activision, you'll soon be able to play a game based on the animated feature film, Chicken Run.


Chicken Run FunPack

Activision recently announced that it has acquired publishing rights to the Chicken Run FunPack, which is being developed by UK-based Absolute Studios and is based on the animated film that premieres nationwide on June 30. Chicken Run is a production of Aardman Animations, the same studio responsible for the highly acclaimed Wallace & Gromit series of animated short films. Like Wallace & Gromit before it, Chicken Run is most easily identifiable for its Claymation visuals, which lend the film's cartoonish images a distinctively three-dimensional quality.

Activision's Chicken Run FunPack, which will be available in software stores at the same time the film premieres nationwide, will consist of a number of minigames, desktop themes, movie clips, and more. According to Activision's press release, it will present "a unique opportunity for fans of the film to continue their 'Chicken Run' experience." Absolute Studios claims that the game features "stunning models and animation, all re-creating in 3D that amazing Aardman look!" No further information on the Chicken Run FunPack has been divulged on Activision's or Absolute Studios' web sites.

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