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Rumor: Dragon Age: Inquisition has 40 endings, five major regions

Massive info leak reveals loads of details about BioWare's upcoming role-playing game.

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BioWare's upcoming role-playing game Dragon Age: Inquisition will have 40 possible endings to unlock and five major regions to explore, according to a new report. A BioWare forum user has obtained the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine ahead of schedule which reportedly contains numerous details about the game.

The five main Dragon Age: Inquisition regions reportedly are Fereldan, The Free Marches, Orlais, Nevarra, and the Dales. BioWare executive producer Mark Darrah supposedly said that players will also visit a location known as the Emerald Graves, where the Dalish Elves planted one tree for every soldier killed in the Exalted Marches.

The tipster also revealed other details about Dragon Age: Inquisition like that you'll be able to affect the environment to influence local settlements, establish trade routes, capture territory, and disrupt the local ecosystem. In addition, the report claims that if you defeat intelligent enemies like bandits or dragons, this will have a "significant effect" on a given region.

Details reportedly pulled from the Official Xbox Magazine preview also include information about new companion characters; namely, there will not be any DLC party members. Creative director Mike Laidlaw supposedly said that because of how "deeply enmeshed" these characters are to Dragon Age: Inquisition, "we can't just add them on the fly."

Other reportedly confirmed companions include The Iron Bull (a one-eyed mercenary and outcast from the Qunari faith) and Sera, described as an "elven archer."

The report also sheds some light on Dragon Age: Inquisition's dialogue system. Writer David Gaider reportedly said that the game will feature three separate dialogue wheels that players will use to engage in conversation. These are the "tone wheel," the "choice wheel," and the "reaction wheel."

Finally, the Official Xbox Magazine preview reportedly states that Dragon Age: Inquisition will feature 40 possible endings, which depend not only on your choices made during character creation, but also actions taken throughout the storyline. Darrah reportedly said these endings will be "meaningfully different" from one another, and not simply 40 endings with only "slight degrees of variation."

We have not seen the issue of Official Xbox Magazine in question, so for now, do take this news with grain of salt. Dragon Age: Inquisition launches this fall for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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