Rumor Control: PS3 for $299 and $485, VUG cuts Director's F.E.A.R.?

Also this week: The PSP gets punchy with Fight Night, and Jonny Moseley is up to his Trix again.


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RUMOR #1: Like the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 has been $299 and 399 Euros!

Source: International retail combo of's US site, by way of Engadget and's French site.

The official story: "We haven't made any announcements regarding price point for PS3."--Sony spokesperson.

What we heard: The Xbox 360's price was announced on Wednesday, meaning it must be time to divert all attention to the pricing of the PS3. One of the first stateside sightings came courtesy of the eagle-eyed inspectors at Engadget, who caught with a listing for the console at $299 (but don't go calling it the "Core System" yet). The price has since been removed from the page, but not before Engadget grabbed a screenshot. The curious thing about the price listing? There's no disclaimer of "price subject to change" immediately near the sales figure. Not to be outdone, Amazon's French Web site lists the PS3 (see picture #1) for $399 Euros ($485). With projections of the PlayStation 3 as the most expensive of the three next-gen consoles, this price seems a bit more on target. But, there is a disclaimer, in French, that the price is not finalized. It didn't stop the site from offering to sell both the Xbox 360 and PS3 together for the low, low price of 699.98 Euros ($851)! Never mind that the figure is simply the sum of both consoles' prices. How do you say rip-off in French?

Bogus or not bogus?: Sony's comment works for us. C'est Bogus.

RUMOR #2: A F.E.A.R. Director's Edition with extras is on its way.

Source: Several Web sites pointing toward a listing on the Sierra Entertainment site, which has since mysteriously vanished. Spooky!

The official story: See below.

What we heard: F.E.A.R., from VU Games and Sierra Entertainment, is one of the most anticipated PC shooters coming out this year. Being the hotly coveted title it is, it was unsurprising that reports showed a special edition of the game was coming out. So when Internet sites started linking to a page on Sierra's Web site (see picture #2) with a full description of an unannounced Director's Cut edition of the game, what did VUG and Sierra do? They yanked the page. However, those brave enough to finish the PC demo of the supernatural first-person shooter were redirected to a different Web page hawking the special edition. lists a Director's Edition, as does fellow retailer GameStop. The bonus edition will apparently have a making-of feature, a comic book, a machinima vid, and more. Should F.E.A.R. fans be frightened that the official site has gone phantom? Given the fact that everyone seems to think it's coming out except the publisher, it's reasonable to assume the Director's Edition just hasn't been officially announced. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

Bogus or not bogus?: Not Bogus. The real question is, will it be worth the extra five bucks?

RUMOR #3: Fight Night, EA's pugnacious puncher, is porting to the portable PSP.

Source: Aussie PSP site PALGN.

The official story: Attempts to contact EA on the subject went unanswered.

What we heard: PALGN is reporting that EA has announced Fight Night for the PSP, which will enter the ring in 2006. The story is accompanied by a screenshot (see picture #3) of the game showing cover boy Bernard Hopkins between rounds at a fight in LA's Staples Center. The idea of Electronic Arts making a portable version of one of its games is about as surprising as Don King making up new words. But bringing the Fight Night franchise to the single-sticked PSP and forcibly abandoning its excellent dual analog-joystick boxing mechanic in the process seems about as logical as making a Dance Dance Revolution game for the handheld. On the other hand, a Fight Night game for the game-starved PSP would sell regardless of the control scheme. Perhaps every boxer will be a southpaw? The other question is, why would Australian sites be getting PSP info when the handheld isn't even released there yet!?!? America and Japan, is this fight fixed?!

Bogus or not bogus?: We're giving the scorecard of Bogus versus Not Bogus a 10-9 score in favor of Not Bogus. But it's almost a split decision.

RUMOR #4: Extreme skier Jonny Moseley is making a return to games after 2001's dismal Jonny Moseley Mad Trix.

Source: A San Francisco Chronicle story that mentioned footage from the skier's upcoming event would be featured in a future video game.

The official story: See below.

What we heard: Dude, so listen. Jonny "Air" Moseley, the totally rad extreme freestylin' skier, may be coming back to the gaming world. Remember Jonny Moseley Mad Trix for the PS2? Remember the totally bodacious intro video that was half Beastie Boys "Fight for Your Right" video and half Ski School (see picture #4)? In said intro, the Bay Area native's eyes glaze over as he ponders, "What if it snowed in San Francisco?" Well, Jonny, according to a report in The San Francisco Chronicle, you're playing Jack Frost next weekend in the City by the Bay as part of your 30th birthday celebration (much to the chagrin of residents who will be snowed in for the duration). Moseley and his extreme friends will blanket some of the city's streets with fake snow, strap on some skis and snowboards, and twirl in the air high above Fillmore Street. According to The Chronicle, some of the footage will be used in an upcoming game. The event will be cosponsored by EA's SSX On Tour. Is Moseley headed out for another gaming face-plant? Will we see another intro video featuring the sleeveless wonder? God, we hope so.

Bogus or not bogus?: EA didn't comment, but given that the new SSX features skiing, and Moseley is the only recognizable freestyle skier, we're going with Not Bogus.

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