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Rumbleverse Tips For Beginners

Don't enter the ring without a few tips to keep you off the mat.


Rumbleverse combines the open world and last-player-standing elements of a battle royale with the combat mechanics of a brawler or fighter. That means there's a high skill ceiling can reach to really showcase your talents. It also means there's a skill floor you'll want to at least meet if you're going to outlast the competition in any 40-wrestler match. After some time played, we're ready to offer some tips on staying off the mat and working toward your championship victory. Here are some Rumbleverse tips for new players.

Learn the HUD

Our first impression of Rumbleverse was a feeling of being inundated with on-screen stuff to learn. We want you to avoid the same trouble, so allow us to explain it all using this marked-up screenshot from our early time with the game.

A crash course on Rumbleverse's HUD
A crash course on Rumbleverse's HUD

1. Inventory

This is where you can store up to four items. This includes spare protein powders that build up your legs, arms, or core, chicken to restore your health, and additional wrestling moves that you can equip on demand. To use an item, you select it using the D-pad, then press X/Square to use it. Otherwise, an empty hand is used for melee attacks.

2. Super Meter, stamina, and health

Your health and stamina should be obvious. Just note that performing moves and climbing structures depletes your stamina, so be sure to manage it well in a rumble. The Super Meter fills as you collect blue stars found all around the map. Once you fill it, you can activate Super Mode (RT + B / R2 + Circle) which allows you to use a Super Move (Y / Triangle), the game's fiercest move. Your Super Meter will slowly drain, so don't just activate it when it's full. Wait for enemies to be near, then give them a championship-level beatdown.

3. Wrestling moves

As you explore Grapital City, you'll come across booklets that can teach you new wrestling moves. These come in colored tiers like loot in similar games, and you can equip any two moves at a time. Each move will be assigned to a left or right bumper on your controller, and you can stash more moves in your inventory as desired. These moves are on quick cooldowns but otherwise don't have limitations, so it's a good idea to practice with each of them so you know what they do before you come across an opponent.

4. Arms, legs, and core strength

In loot boxes or floor loot, you'll also come across protein powders in three colors, red, green, and yellow. Each one buffs your wrestler's body in the following ways:

  • Yellow Legs Powder: Increases stamina
  • Red Arms Powder: Buffs attack damage
  • Green Core Powder: Increases total health

You can consume up to 10 protein powders per match, and how you split those slots per buff is up to you. You could have 10 health buffs and have a massive HP pool, you could exclusively improve stamina and never relent when wrestling an opponent, or you could find another way to divide up those slots.

Know the hierarchy of moves

In Rumbleverse, there are clear dividing lines that help classify each move as better or worse than others. In short, here's how it shakes out from most to least powerful.

  1. Super - available when activating full Super Meter
  2. Power - equipped to bumper buttons
  3. Weapon - found all over the city
  4. Special Strike
  5. Basic Strike
  6. Special Vicious
  7. Basic Vicious

Strikes and vicious attacks are set to X / Square and Y / Triangle, respectively and have very different uses. Strikes are your basic melee attacks which can help keep an enemy on their toes in between wrestling moves. Vicious attacks, though weakest on this hierarchy, are important because they can break the blocking guard of an enemy. Some moves, such as weapons, power, and super moves, are unblockable, so you'll want to use the dodge move (LT + RT / L2 + R2) to avoid those.

Head to Playground Mode for a complete tutorial

Jumping into your first match without knowing how to play can be costly--we finished a measly 17th in our first bout due to such a strategy. Instead, head into Playground Mode, which includes a number of tutorials all across the city. You can view these tutorials on the game's map screen, and then head to any or all of them to learn something new. Just think: You'll have a headstart over jabronies like us who didn't bother.

Dwayne Johnson never got this sort of height during a Rock Bottom.
Dwayne Johnson never got this sort of height during a Rock Bottom.

Fall damage applies to stamina, not health

It's cool to jump off a skyscraper and not take damage in Rumbleverse, but it's not without its detriments. Instead of an HP decrease, you'll take a hit to your full stamina bar, which can cost you just as much in fisticuffs. Try to climb down buildings rather than leap off them. It'll take a moment longer, but if you've got the time to spare, it's well worth it.

Activating your Super Meter when you're low on health could save your life

Your Super Move is a great ability for finishing off enemies, but it can also be used when you're nearly down for the three-count yourself. If your health is fully depleted while your Super Meter is active, you'll benefit from a Comeback, which slowly regenerates your health and allows you to keep fighting. This adds a defensive element to the game's best offensive ability.

Use the environment, especially verticality, to your advantage

Massive buildings line the downtown area, train tracks swirl above the streets, and bouncy cars and detachable street signs are everywhere. Use these elements to your advantage both offensively and defensively. More than most battle royale games, Rumbleverse is tall. There's plenty of loot on the rooftops, so staying on top of them for a good while is a totally valid way to stay out of trouble while you gather a formidable inventory of buffs, wrestling moves, and perhaps a steel chair. Elbow-dropping an enemy from high above or off of a car is also a great way to inflict major damage in a hurry.

As for loot, you'll want to look out for three tiers of crates that signify the likely rarities of items inside. Crates are broken into the following tiers:

  • Wooden - lowest tier
  • Silver
  • Gold

The items itself, such as wrestling moves, are also split into similar tiers, albeit with slightly different colors:

  • Green - common
  • Blue - rare
  • Purple -epic

Treat a fight like a Money In The Bank match

You may be familiar with WWE's annual Money In The Bank pay-per-view, which gives the winner of the headlining match the right to instigate a championship match at any time of their choosing. Usually how it goes is that weeks or months later, they'll cash in on their opportunity right after a champion has won a hard-fought match, which leaves them vulnerable to the surprise attack. Treat Rumbleverse like this. When you see two or more wrestlers duking it out, don't rush into the scrum. Instead, sit back and wait to pounce on the lone survivor. They'll likely be ill-equipped to fend you off.

For more on Iron Galaxy's new free-to-play battle royale, check out our recent interview with the team. Rumbleverse is out now on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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