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Rumble Roses, Winning Eleven doing a 360

Konami announces three sports franchises will get next-gen treatment on Microsoft's forthcoming console.


At the Xbox Summit 2005, Konami announced that it is developing three games for the Xbox 360: a new installment of its popular Winning Eleven series, Rumble Roses XX, and Pro Yakyuu Spirits. The names of the games are tentative and are subject to change.

Games from the Winning Eleven series, a popular soccer simulation franchise, were released on the Xbox in America and Europe, but this will be the first time that the game is coming out for a Microsoft console in Japan. It is currently unclear if any of the three games will be released in the US.

Winning Eleven series executive producer Shinji Enomoto appeared onstage and commented that his project for the Xbox 360 is still in a very preliminary stage, but he said the game should be coming out sometime next year. "We've just begun development, and unfortunately, we don't have a trailer to show yet. But although we've only begun the project, it's already going smoothly," said Enomoto. "It should take about one year to finish the game. We hope to release it in Japan between fall and winter of 2006."

Not many details were disclosed on the female wrestling game Rumble Roses XX and the baseball game Pro Yaykuu Spirits, but Konami showed trailers of the two at the event.

"We presented a lineup of three sports titles today, but we hope to announce more [games] at another occasion," commented Konami game software company president Michihiro Ishizuka.

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