Rumble in the Bronx

Saturn and PC gamers prepare for battle in Sega's Last Bronx.


Last Bronx

Sega announced Monday that its new fighting game Last Bronx will be appearing in stores nationwide this week for the Saturn. The PC version, complete with a two-player network play option, will ship in January.

The game touts 60 frames per second action and eight characters to choose from, each with its own unique weapon. A tradition that started in Fighters Megamix is continued in Last Bronx, with hidden weapons (like a frozen tuna, fork, spoon, and umbrella) for players to uncover after beating the game. There are five modes of play: arcade, vs., survival, time attack, and watch mode, along with a training mode for players to practice against a training dummy.

"Last Bronx is a hard-core fighting game that packs more than a punch," Lydia Gable, Sega of America's marketing group director, said in a statement. "From all the hidden weapons to uncover to the numerous moves to perfect, Last Bronx offers gamers unbelievable replay value that will keep them coming back for more."

The game will be available at retail this week for an MSRP of US$49.99.

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